Is 3 MICHELIN STAR SUSHI Worth the Hype? Reviewing Chef Masa's Sushi

Is 3 MICHELIN STAR SUSHI Worth the Hype? Reviewing Chef Masa's Sushi

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Chef Masa Takayama is one of the most famous Japanese chefs in the world. He is also one of the best sushi chefs in the world, with his Masa restaurant in NYC being the only sushi restaurant outside of Japan to have 3 Michelin stars. The Masa NYC menu is a whopping $1,000 though, and they do not allow photos or videos inside.

For a while, I thought my only chance of trying Masa's 3 Michelin star sushi was the famous Masa 26 course sushi feast for $1,000, but it turns out Masa opened a restaurant adjacent to his flagship Masa restaurant, named Bar Masa. Bar Masa has a smaller omakase menu and is the same food and recipes as at Masa, but it is cheaper, smaller portions, and most importantly they allow photos and video!

We have only eaten Michelin star sushi once on this channel, at Sushi Nakazawa. We deemed that the food was good, but it was not exceptional and therefore not worth the $180 price. But is 3 Michelin star sushi worth it? We got assurance from the staff at Bar Masa that it was the same quality as at Masa so the food at Bar Masa should be a good gauge for the quality of Masa's sushi. Does the Masa omakase, and the Masa toro toro roll, live up to the hype or is Masa overrated? Tune in and see!

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Restaurant Deets:
Bar Masa
The Shops at, 10 Columbus Cir Floor 4, New York, NY 10019